1. : Upcoming shows
    • Ithaca Underground presents: BIG DAY IN

    WOE (Candlelight Records : Philadelphia, PA)

    EHNAHRE (Ex-Kayo Dot : Crucial Blast : Boston, MA)

    SULACO (Willowtip Recordes : Rochester, NY)

     NIGHT OWLS (Hex Records : Syracuse)
    OAK & BONE (Hex Records : Syracuse)
    LUX CARENTES (Ithaca)
    SEPSIS (Binghamton)
    INERDS (Feral Kid/Wrong Foot Records : Buffalo)
    MOUTH TO MOUTH TO MOUTH (Pirate House Records : Ithaca)
    HIROSHIMA VACATION (Pirate House Records : Ithaca)
    SUN SPELLS (Ithaca)

    Saturday, May 7th

    The Haunt
    702 Willow Ave
    Ithaca, NY 14850
    12PM-10PM $5 All Ages

    *Sponsored by McNeil Music of Ithaca, Angry Mom Records, and The Haunt

    • And on May 24th-



    The Gondoliers

    Arvid Noe

    at ProblemHouse in Allston, MA   email ehnahrebooking@gmail.com for directions!

  2. : Shows/News

    So we have a few interviews out/coming out- in Decibal, Rock-a-Rolla, and Doommantia- hopefully more to come soon!  We are working on putting together some shows for the spring…  we currently have one booked for February 26th at O’Briens in Allston, MA with Faces of Bayon, Kintaan, and Komondor.  We’re also lined up to play a spring Fest in early May in Ithaca, NY, done by Ithaca Underground, so keep your eyes peeled for that.  Anyone that would like us to come grace your town with gross noise (music?) and alcoholic sermons about Martin Picard, Golf, and Seinfeld, get in touch!

    We are also hard at work on our next record, entitled Old Earth.  It will break you, we promise.  Maybe you can even catch a few tasty tidbits live. 

  3. : Taming the Cannibals now available!

    Ehnahre’s sophomore full-length album, Taming the Cannibals is out now on Crucial Blast Records.  Go pick it up here-  http://www.crucialblast.net/ehnahre_taming.html or you can buy it from us on this site.

    6 songs with guest appearances by Jonah Jenkins, Greg Kelley, and C Spencer Yeh. 

    Read some of the reviews-




    And an interview with Ryan-


  4. : "Taming the Cannibals" available November 9th- and other stuff

    Ehnahre’s new album “Taming the Cannibals” will officially be available for sale on November 9th.  It can be purchased through crucialblast.net, ehnahre.net, and many online distributers, including midheaven.com.  You can also hear clips now at Decibal magazine online.

    We are also planning a European tour for late Spring/Summer 2011.  If there is anyone that can assist with contacts, booking, etc, please email us at ehnahrebooking@gmail.com.

    And don’t forget to peep the wrath and indignation (as well as a few kind words) being leveled at us at metalsucks.net- http://www.metalsucks.net/2010/10/19/help-axl-figure-out-the-appeal-of-ehnahres-taming-the-cannibals/     There will be more to come soon, I’m sure….

    We also got ourselves a ReverbNation page now- check it out at www.reverbnation.com/ehnahre.

    Finally, a big thanks to Blake and Brittany of Wolvserpent.  We had an great time with them on the road, and hope to cross paths with them again very soon…

  5. : October 9th canceled- please help!

    Our oct 9th show with Wolvserpent in Ithaca has been canceled.  We are desperately trying to pull something together last minute.  If you can help us out with a house show, some sort of DIY last minute show, or can help us jump onto another show in the New England, New York, New Jersey or Pennsylvania areas, please email us at ehnahrebooking@gmail.com!!!

  6. : October 2010 Tour

    Oct. 7th- Boston, MA @ Starlab with Wolvserpent, Sewer Goddess, and TBA

    Oct. 8th- Greenfield, MA @ John Doe Jr with Wolvserpent and Lux Carentes

    Oct. 9th- Ithaca, NY @ Warehouse with Wolvserpent, Lux Carentes, and So Is The Tongue

    Oct. 10th- Far Rockaway, NY @ Red Light District with Wolvserpent

    Oct. 11th- Baltimore, MD @ Golden West with OAK and Wolvserpent

    Oct. 12th- Chapel Hill, NC @ NightLight with Wolvserpent, Clang Quartet, and Mountains Named for Murderers

    Oct. 13th- Charlotte, NC @ Milestone with Wolvserpent, Artificial Ghost, and Stronghold Crvsader

    Oct. 14th- Atlanta, GA @ Eyedrum with Wolvserpent

    Oct. 15th- Nashville, TN @ Little Hamilton Collective with Wolvserpent and Loss

    Oct. 16th- Memphis, TN @ Poplar Lounge with Wolvserpent and Dead-I-On

    Oct. 17th- Little Rock, AR @ Downtown Music with Pallbearer and Wolvserpent

    Oct. 19th- St Louis, MO @ Lemp Arts with Fatoush

    Oct. 20th- Chicago, IL @ TBA

    Oct. 21st- Dekalb, IL @ The House Cafe

    Oct. 22nd- Detroit, MI @ Caid

    Oct. 23rd- Pittsburgh, PA @ Garfield Artworks

  7. : "Taming the Cannibals" to be released on Crucial Blast, upcoming tour with PussyGutt

         We are pleased to announce that our forthcoming full length Taming the Cannibals will be released on Crucial Blast.  It is currently in the process of being mixed, and should be released in early October 2010. More info to come soon.

         We also are happy to announce that we are in the process of booking a fall tour, half of which will be done with killer Boise duo PussyGutt.  Dates will be posted and updated as they come in on our myspace.  We still have a few days we’re working on, if you’re interested in booking Ehnahre in your city, get in touch with us at ehnahrebooking@gmail.com. 

  8. : Alpha / Omega 12” now available

    Please check the store section for more details. East coast tour dates for February & March had to be cancelled due to injury - apologies to anyone who had planned to be in attendance at these shows. Shows will be in full force come Summer.

  9. : New Ehnahre 12” available March 1st

    Boston based Avant Black/Death/Doom metal band Ehnahre follow up their debut record “The Man Closing Up” with a new 12” record, entitled “Alpha/Omega.

    With 2009 seeing the addition of drummer/noise artist/wacko Ricardo Donoso, Ehnahre plumbed even further into the depths of rhythmic flux and sway which characterized their debut release.  This record sees Ehnahre starting to stretch out, and progress beyond their beginnings- more extremes, more chaos, more discordant guitar lines, and vocals akin to the outburst of a bloodthirsty, drunken schizophrenic.    “Alpha/Omega” was written based on the poems “Leda and the Swan” and “The Second Coming” by Irish writer William Butler Yeats.  Utilizing mythological, mystical, and religious themes, the text alludes to the beginning of the world, and Armageddon.  Taking their ugly, atonal and oppressive sound to new lows of stifling darkness and malevolence, the uncompromising dissonance and instability on this record will salt the earth with Ehnahre’s aural depravity.

    Ehnahre is releasing “Alpha/Omega” on Fun with Asbestos Records, in a limited run (100 copies).  It will be released exclusively on 12” vinyl, pressed at 45 rpm with hand printed jackets.  Mastered by James Plotkin, available March 1st, 2010.



  10. : New Site Up; News (Dec. 09’)

    New website finally up (http://ehnahre.net) ; we also have our debut CD "The Man Closing Up" (Sound Devastation) finally back in stock and available for purchase at the store section of the site. Also at the store you can find our new tape "Pipeline" (Semata Productions) which is a reissue of our EU/UK tour tape featuring new artwork in an edition of 175.

    Loads forthcoming in 2010; 2 vinyl releases coming up on the horizon for early and mid 2010, East coast tours in the spring as well as a West coast tour in late Fall.

    Thanks for your continued support and interest in our music; we’ve been hard at work at recording and rehearsing new material that we’re very proud of and feel is an important step forward for the group. Keep your eyes peeled on here for updates in the upcoming year.LDA